Young designer of the year 2021

The Young designer of the year award is an absolute honour to achieve, with students and trainee designers from all around the world. There will be tough completion as they go up against each other. The designers are set challenges, such as their technical ability and aptitude for delivery, as well as their new ideas. Last years competition attracted the most talented collection of designs ever submitted for this competition. So the heat is on!

The competition for entrants closes as of today the 1 December 2021.

What do we know about last years winner?

Photo above: Last years young designer award went to the very talented Croatian Ana Čeović. What we know about Ana is that she is from Zagreb in Croatia. Ana did a degree course in Transportation Design at the European Institute of Design in Turin. After that followed  unpaid internships at Luca Dini Design in Florence and Philippe Briand Design in London. Ana then went on to study Yacht Design at the Politechnico di Milano, where she graduated with a Master’s Degree in 2020. Despite the difficulty of  judging the judges were taken aback by the extremely high quality of the designs submitted by entrants from over 24 different countries.

International audience of SuperYacht owners

From the award programme the young designer 2021 winner will receive the unique opportunity to be applauded in front of the international audience of the superyacht owners. Among the other guests there will be influential designers and industry leaders at this spectacular networking event.

What to expect for 2022 competitors

The award is in partnership with Oceanco, who is celebrating the original concepts of student and trainee designers from around the world.  The brief is set to provide valuable and authentic insight into the reality of working as a designer within the superyacht industry.

The Young Designer of the Year competition 2022 is open to designers who are less than 28 years old by the 1st January 2022. Entrants must not have been employed for financial gain in a Yacht Design Studio. As per usual, this year’s event is for individuals, so in creating a design, competitors must work alone. asked Ana

If you were designing a yacht for yourself, what would it look like and where would you take it?

I would be designing a classical sailing yacht with a modern twist. Imagine the design being something like ‘Dykstra meets Sinot’. I would like my yacht to have that feeling you can’t get at home. I would like it to represent an escape from the city and offer maximum connection to the sea. It would be my own exotic island and I’d sail around the Mediterranean.

Meet the judges

Chairman of the Judges: Roger Lean-Vercoe: BOAT International Media

References: BOAT International Media

Photo of Ana credit to Header page