Jarhead Young Sailors Foundation – (JYSF) Malta

Building the Jarhead Young Sailors Foundation

Greg Nasmyth and Samantha Rowe-Beddoe are the founders of the Jarhead Young Sailors Foundation (JYSF) . They started the foundation by donating their Sailing yacht called “JYS Jarhead”. Shortly following a 2nd donation of another sailing yacht called “JYS Jan”. Both sailing yachts are J-109 and maintained very well by the Foundation.   Greg asked Richard Nicolson to come to Malta to assist in the building the programme, Richard arrived in Malta the end of 2016.

Racing is in the family genes of the Nicolsons as Richard has been sailing & racing since his teenage years. Richard has also proudly raced around the world in the “Ocean race”

The JYSF has been set up for the last 5 years with Jarhead being privately funded by a benefactor.

In this Video Richard tell us a little in his own words about the Jarhead young sailors foundation


The JYSF are always looking for sponsorship, as they say every little helps. To become a sponsor and to have your logo or company name shown on the sails or hull for example on most likely the busiest yacht in Malta, then please contact us. Any funding  helps all the students as well as maintenance costs to the yachts.

The Foundation

The foundation offers students around 16 years old and upwards who want to be sailors. The advantage for the sea enthusiasts is to develop marine skills and life skills such as team work, discipline, and respecting others. The programme for sailing experience, mostly these students have had Dinghy experience. The students are trained and matured to become racers. This training is offered at the weekends, the students also learn fuelling, food, racing, night sailing and safety amongst other skills.

Monday to Friday is offered to children with learning difficulties, Orphans, or need hep with motivation at school, this is a free cost to students or to the school. This is a unique experience and again will help build life skills and confidence.

Racing in the Rolex Middlesea race 23 October 2021

It was the day before the Rolex Middlesea race 2021 and we was delighted that Professional Yacht race trainer Richard Nicolson could spare a few minutes from his busy schedule.

Competing in the race are the JYSF with 2 teams of 8, one one yacht J-109 “JYS Jarhead” is Emile as Skipper, shadowed by Richard, on the other yacht J-109 “JYS Jan”The Skipper is shadowed by Matthew Farrugia. The other team members are: Daniel Bajada, Nicky Debono Drury, Jake Mallia, Patrice Pace, Luke Rausi, Alex Siegler, Sean Valentino, Issac Vassallo, Andrea Vella and Angela Vella .The average age of the racers is 18 years old.

Richard Nicolson, Emile Gregory & Sean Valentino.                         The teams for both yachts




Prior to the Rolex Middlesea race

We asked Richard some questions:

How many girls are in the race team this year?  This year there are 2 girls in the JYSF team, in the year 2018 there was one team of girls and one team of boys.

What is the biggest challenge for you in the race? Bad weather, if it is too windy. Keeping the team focused, The yacht clean & tidy and of course safety, Safety is paramount.

What is the weather predicted for this race? All I can tell you is that it is going to be a big race this year, with the possibility of new records being set.

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