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Fairline Yachts

Fairline Malta

Fairline make beautifully designed and beautifully considered boats that handle…beautifully. Targa, sparkling performance. Squadron, luxuriously appointed flybridge.

More of our brands

We are also representatives of Nautuca Casarola & Cavitcleaner.


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Cavitcleaner Malta

Cavitcleaner is a unique cavitation cleaning system which enables crew to clean a yacht’s hull and underwater parts without placing the vessel in dry dock, saving both time and money. An intense shockwave of microscopic bubbles quickly and effectively removes fouling material without damaging the surface being cleaned. Improve your yacht efficiency and crew safety with Cavitcleaner.


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Nautica Casarola

Nautica Casarola Malta

Nautica Casarola Company Profile is characterized by 5 keywords: Experience, Tradition, Dynamics, Technology, and above all, Passion.

Thanks to high profile infrastructures , dedicated to sell and post-sell assistance, as historical Riva dealer, Nautica Casarola takes care of shipowners’ passions.