Choose Malta and get three Islands to explore

There are three Maltese Islands that you can actually set foot upon. Malta is the largest Island, followed by her Sister Island Gozo and the other is Comino. The three-island archipelago can trace its rooted history back to the debut of civilisation. The Islands over the years have been ruled by the Arabs, the Normans and the Aragonese.

Why choose Malta as your holiday destination?

Malta is a little Island that sits in the Mediterranean Sea, just 50 nautical miles South of Sicily. With 300 days of summer, rich in culture and crystal clear waters, Malta should be on your to do list.

Full of History

Proudly boasting 7,000 years of rich and fascinating history, where one can explore the ruins linked to the Romans, Moors, and Knights of Saint John (all of whom once ruled the island) The Mysterious temples from the Neolithic period, a shipwreck in 60 A.D. by St. Paul, hundreds of years of rule by the Knights of St. John, these are just a few of Malta’s past.  The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and Romans have also left their traces on the islands. Some of the oldest freestanding megalithic temples in the world are located in Malta and older than Stonehenge in the UK.

The sensational warm seas and beaches

Riviera bay, next to Golden Bay

Malta is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, with crystal clear azure waters. There is so much to enjoy, with outdoor activities. Walk along the nature trails, diving, snorkelling and yachting.  The clear blue seas surrounding the Maltese Islands is ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving. Diving is listed high in the rankings in Europe even Worldwide as there is an abundance of reefs, wrecks and caves to explore.  Another popular choice is to hire a yacht and set off to explore the Island of Comino, where the Blue Lagoon famously hugs the shoreline. Malta has some great Sandy beaches such as Golden Bay and Mellieha Bay. The Film set of Popeye is at Anchor bay, you can visit the film set enjoy a fun day there, or drop anchor in the bay.

Book a private yacht charter

Fairline Squadron 55 and a Sunseeker Predator 62


To highlight your holiday, celebration or a fun day out, opt for a private yacht charter. So many people tell me, going out on a yacht was the best part of their holiday. To book a yacht charter speak to Trader Marine, they have 50 yachts that you can choose from, with budgets to suit all. A list of the services that Trader Marine can provide is on their website.


Tarragon, St Pauls Bay, Michelin star restaurant and Ali Baba Lebanese restaurant.


The Maltese love their food and there are plenty of place to enjoy a meal. There are multiple Michelin Stars restaurants as well as local eateries. As one can imagine there are plenty of fish choices, some menus can have an Italian flare. Malta also shares some great wines, Andrew Azzopardi a wine connoisseur and what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing!


Festivals, Festa’s and Fireworks

The Village festa’s that are celebrated in the summer, with traditional Maltese sweets, music and a great atmosphere, are dedicated to the Patron Saint of the village. Malta is the host of the International firework competition and are frequent winners. The Malta Jazz festival, Isle of MTV, Lost and Found festivals are home to Malta, along with plenty of others. Carnival is held in February and what a celebration that is, the carnival has incredible artwork, dancing and is something that Malta enjoys. Below this photo was taken at the festa of Floriana with Saint Publius.

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