Our recommend Top ten bays

The Maltese archipelago is located South of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea, in fact just 60 Nautical miles away. Sitting almost in the centre of the Mediterranean making Malta and her Islands a fantastic holiday destination. Boating holidays along with diving holidays are very popular due to the calm, warm, clear and clean azure waters. Here are our Top Ten hotspots of bays to visit whilst out on a private yacht charter

Blue Lagoon, Comino 

The sea has light blue azure colours and crystal clear. Delighted with ice cream floats that literally float past you, with cabanas up on the Island for chilled drinks and cocktails.


Crystal Lagoon, Comino 

Crystal clear waters, makes this great for snorkelling, you can even see the wreckage of the P31.


Fomm Ir-Rih, Malta 

Away from the crowds, peaceful and beautiful.


Hondoq Ir-Rummien, Gozo

With small caves, some at water level and some in deep waters, clear waters, makes this great for snorkelling. Water- sports is also readily available to hire if this is not included on your charter


Dahlet Qorrot, Gozo 

Popular for divers and many diving magazines will rate this within their top ten hot spots,  surrounded by natural scenery and tranquility. There are plenty of sea caves and large rock formations. This makes an ideal place to go snorkelling, there are plenty of fish and sea creatures to look out for.


St Pauls Islands, Malta

Popular for divers and snorkelling by the Outer reef with an abundance of marine life.


Santa Maria, Comino 

Sea bream are in swarms waiting for you to feed them, another hot spot for caves and snorkelling.


Anchor Bay, Malta

The movie set  “Popeye” still has a stunning backdrop in a protected bay, great for swimming and snorkelling. Marine life is plentiful, you may even spot Octopus, Moray eels or even Cuttle fish


Golden Bay, Malta 

With views of a 5* hotel, a gorgeous sandy beach, a hot spot for water-sports. A highlight is on an overnight charter, as the Sunset here is divine.


Il-Hofriet, Malta

Not far from St Peters Pool, making this a great spot to drop anchor. There are 2 good sized coves and normally not overcrowded

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Photo credits – Fomm ir-Rih to Maltatina – Hondoq to Matthew Bartolo – Dahlet Qottot to YouTube